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Lulu and Trish keep you entertained on your drive home every day with all the fun features listed below, and much much more. Click on their individual picture to learn more about and email them.


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Letters to Lulu: If you need a problem resolved in your life e-mail your story to Lulu at . Lulu will read your letter on the air and then Lulu and Trish will give you the best advice possible and also take advice from the listeners.

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Chinese Birth and Love Chart:
Call in to find out how compatible you are with your other half or the sex of your unborn child.
  Dirt Alert: Weekday mornings and afternoons, join Tara McNamara with the latest gossip from a Nashville insider with Hollywood connections. Only by splitting her time between the two cities can she bring her unique perspective to you every Monday through Friday.
Venus Genius:
Test your knowledge with not so ordinary trivia to win fabulous prizes!
Gay Ole Time at The Movies:
Listen to Justin’s gay ole review of some of the hottest movies out today!
  Venus Lifestyles : Listen weekdays as Lulu and Trish introduce you to some of Nashville ’s best business men/women. We’ll give you all the inside information you ever needed to know from professions .
  Dream Analyst Lauri Quinn Lowenberg: Each Wednesday at 6pm certified Dream Analyst Lauri Quinn Lowenberg joins Lulu and Trish for dream interpretation. Lauri is the author of two books, “So, What Did You Dream Last Night?” and “The Secrets To
Dream Power” so call in and see what she has to say
about your dreams!

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